The Ultimate Square
Chrono Trigger - Walkthrough

After battle, the game will freeze, but it's actually processing items. Wait awhile, and the
battle will end. Now take a look at your item list. You should have 98-100% of the items in
the game. NOTE: the "dummied" items are totally useless. They were literally erased from the
game and have no use. All you see of them is the icons.

After battle, all characters HP and MP will increase just as if you gained a level. This works
also for people not in your current party.

This code has two effects. The first is this: go into a shop (things should have different
prices), exit it, go back in, and voila! Everything will cost only 1GP, and you will be able
to sell ANY item in your inventory; allowing you to rid yourself of old accessories, armor,
etc. But you won't get anything for the things you sell. The second effect is this: simply go
to the stat screen, and any character will be able to equip anything. Ex: equip Robo with a
Rainbow, Crono with a PrismDress, etc.This doesn't mean you can equip, say, weapons in your
armor slot, it means you can equip any weapon in your weapon slots, etc. NOTE: There are two
bad sides to this code, the first is that you can't use items, and the second is that it causes
graphic glitches while walking on the map. So, only use the effects of this code when needed.

Maxes out all abilities such as power, magic, speed, etc. for every

Learn all dual and triple techs.

Walk through walls.

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